Packaging Design – Hindraj Tea
Launching a Premium Range of Green and Herbal Teas
Discovering the Brand

Hindraj Tea, is premium Black Tea brand launched during the COVID times in India. The soul purpose of Hindraj is to give premium tea experience with finest tea blend from the foot-hills of Siliguri and Darjeeling at affordable rates. So as to the Tea loving nation, India can enjoy their chai moments without burning a hole in their pocket.

The Black Tea being loved by the customers, gave rise to the demand of Green and Herbal Teas. That is where we, Seven Elements took over the brand for packaging design.

De-coding and Brainstorming

The challenge here was to be consistent with premium and classic essence of the brand and yet standing out in the market considering the competition.

Starting with finalising the colour palletes for different variants to finalising the content on the boxes as well as the sachets.

Insight: Green and Herbal teas are majorly consumed for health benefit purposes rather than enjoying the taste.
Consumers prefer tea that are non-bitter with giving them the
required health benefits.

Strategy and Planning

Diving deeper with the insight; we decided to further bifurcate the health benefits into two; psychological benefits and functional benefit. Also keeping in mind the increasing awareness.

Communication: The front of the box which creates the first impression and becomes the deciding factor for the purchase communicates one mental health / psychological benefit and one physical benefit also communicating the premiumness of the ingredients chosen to make a perfect blend.

Designing and Execution

To keep the brand colours, look and feel consistent, finalsed on the keeping the core / primary brand colours same.

Choosing a different colour for every variant helped highlight that Hindraj doesn’t just offer plain green or plain herbal tea but a combination of both to give consumer the maximum benefits.

Design speaks for itself; rather than putting it into words; so have a look!

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