UI Design – Forest Raga
Increasing the number of add-to-carts with a better UI design.
Discovering the Brand

Forest Raga, a modern ayurvedic brand, bringing their consumers with numerous forest-grown herbs blended together in right quantities in a capsule form. Pure Ayurveda for the health problems and issues. Forest Raga has always been direct, simple and to the point with its communication.

De-coding and Brainstorming

Forest Raga, was lacking to visually communicate their product, benefits and ingredients on the same page, so as to ease the visitors process of choosing the products.

Insight: Easy to compare and easy to choose information increases the visitors chances of buying on the website.
Studying the different reasons / ways people buy ayurvedic products made us try different ways to communicate the ingredients, benefits and of course the products.

Strategy and Planning

After trying and testing a few options; we with the help of marketing manager at Forest Raga, bifurcated the product section into 3 different help me choose sections.

-Help me Choose by Body System
-Help me choose by Health Interest
-Help me choose by Herbs

Further showcasing the product options available for each herb and each health interest.

Designing and Execution

Clearly communicating the health issue and body systems visually helped the visitor connect more easily.

Design speaks for itself; rather than putting it into words; so have a look!

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