Consistency is the Key to Grow your Brand!

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CONSISTENCY is the most underrated word. Consistency is the key to success, be it anything from being fit to forming habits to eating healthy and yes, even Branding.

First things first! Why do we need to be consistent in Branding?

  1. It allows people to remember you by just looking at the colours, fonts, visual elements etc. in short increases Brand Recall.

Just like you recognise Dairy Milk with the Purple, Red with Coke or Vodafone. Oh yes! Don’t forget, although Vodafone, Coke and even Airtel all use Red they still distinctively stand out!

How? That’s Branding!

  1. People need to be reminded, just like your parents remind you several times to get some household chore done. It is said, that a human brain needs to see a visual or an ad at least 7 times to remember it. So the consistently you grab attention of your audience the higher chances of they remembering you!
  1. Being consistent, not only sets the tone for your brand but also gives you a clear picture and a foundation to plan your marketing activities on. This allows you to wisely plan your marketing budgets and avoid unnecessary spends.

So with that being said, here are some easy ways you can try to avoid making your Brand look inconsistent.

  1. Fonts: Keep using 2-3 fonts that are suitable for your Brand. Don’t not use more than 3 fonts in one design
  1. Colours: Always follow the colour palette and guidelines given by your designer. Colour palette is basically the colours that are used in your logo plus some more colours that together form a colour palette
  1. Visual: Maintain the mood and imagery of your brand. For example: If you are an organic food brand your imagery should reflect the same; natural food, wooden bowls, farming, nature etc
  1. Language: Be consistent with your Language it can be serious, fun, quirky, friendly etc
  1. Values & Purpose: Your Brand values like trust, purity, etc and purpose i.e. the motive of your product should be reflected in your creatives.

The ultimate formula for growth is Consistency!

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